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The thin cloth that covers AMAZONIA (the unknown truth)

against fake news

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Dear friends, I really hope everything is great with you

Here is one of the friends who misses you so much in the night of online fun.

Unfortunately, there are the so-called burned woods here in the state of Amazonas, but I can tell you that is not how they are boasting over the internet.

Unfortunately, there is a massive stream of false information that is trying, at all costs, to destabilize the current democratically elected government, which is based on trying to recover and debunk everything done by several presidents in the past. It is easy to know, searching through information even on google and you can prove that with much effort we are here in BRAZIL trying to reverse the gigantic corruption scheme that has plagued our country for years. Having among these corrupt, impeached presidents, now imprisoned, and countless politicians of various levels. Even state governors are not being spared either, but unfortunately, trying to reverse this current political-economic state, grotesque lies are being used to destabilize the current president who, with his team, tries to make the country have the proper value and structure. to resume a favorable growth picture in all directions, positively.

It is always difficult to fight evil and wrong, but like any good person, I am a nationalist with regard to our problems, which are not few, but THEN we have the HIGH HOPE to change and do the right thing for our country.

And so, in this way, I hope to count on you too to spread the truth and not be carried away by false (FAKE) news that is aimed not only at breaking the search for the truth, but with deep and not so obscure interests of economic exploitation and extractivist nature in the middle of the Amazon disguised as international preservation entities.

My country is no longer a mere colony of some other country, to which it must subject itself to any lie or be treated as a child that even if it has not done something wrong it must be punished by its parents.

The photos, as massively publicized as current, are not actually recent, in many cases, from other places that are miles and miles from the Amazonia. Unfortunately, there are those who, because they do not know the truth and are even in good faith, repudiate the fact that, if true, they would be and would be supported by everyone even here in my country.



To illustrate what I affirm, how about seeing the image used by French President Emmanuel Macron in his post (twitter), with the full intention of drawing attention to the problem. As I said here, although there are good people, there is always someone who, however good or malicious, makes a serious mistake.

The image is old, and was taken by photographer Loren McIntire (who has made several inroads in the Amazon) and anyone who wants to buy the image is available here, in an image bank for sale. I should point out that McIntire, who worked for National Geografic for which he made several photos, died in 2003 and the photo was published in the mid-1990s.
As well as the renowned and famous Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo who posted through TWITTER a picture of a forest fire, but it occurred in the extreme south of my country, in Rio Grande do Sul, in the Taim ecological reserve. As I said miles away, and miles also to be the truth.
I add, a graphic from deforestation 3rd pic, on botton. :) 
Wants knows what really happens, ask me. Please spread the TRUTH and no, never FAKE NEWS.

Paulo Thomé, AKA - = BRAZIL = -


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It is disheartening to read about what is happening in your beloved country. It is with all of my hope that justice will prevail and the correct information can be spread to ensure that all will be educated. Sending good vibes and love your way Brasil. 💜💜
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