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GTK Radiant/ET Problems

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Hello Everybody


I am hoping someone will see this and be able to help me.


I am making a map for ET using GTK Radiant, which i am learning as i go along....The first problem i have is when i add my own texture it looks good in GTK Radiant and shows in ET, however in ET it shows upside down, any ideas why it would do that?....


The next problem i have is i can't find the portal surface entity....it should be misc_portal_surface, but its not there, any idea where it is in version 1.6.6?


The next problem i have is i have a construction of a ramp...all works nicely but the construction boxes don't become invisible after i have constructed the ramp.


Thank you


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I used 1.4.0 and 2Bit's Tutorial http://www.pythononl...et/tutorial.htm and loffys_ctf_prefab2 and also check other open things info that you could find in various maps and download. I never decompile a map to see what people did. Do not intreserad trying, wanted to learn myself.
I have never been particularly good at making maps and forgot most unfortunately. Jecoliah B-member helped me with some things but hasn't seen him in a long time.

Maybe a little help but I don't know how far you have come in your mapping so you might already know this and have tested it.



Texture problems
1. All your own textures upside down after compile and test the map but not the original textures?
2. I had a mess of moving textures, kind of a flag with text so each side mirrored. If I remember correctly these Brush was Detail ore Structural and one of these created problems but not upside down if I remember correctly.

3. Have you created shader files for these textures for the map and create a shader file and put it in script map and also put the script file name in the "shaderlist.txt" file that also is in script map?

Maybe a shader is wrong, do not know much about them, in the beginning I create none and if I got it right they get a default shader but if you want special visuals and sounds you have to create these.



// My shader. Textures download from WolfMap.



    surfaceparm woodsteps
    implicitMap -


1. Under Entities it is in 1.4.0 but I know I downloaded some things so that I got double names but with different explanations under Entities. Maybe there's some download missing but it feels like the later version should have thought of it?

Ramp invisible
1. Is the name the same in Entities and in the script? I imported a *.map (prefab) and renamed all the parts I wanted on them in my map.
2. In the script file for your map you write it. One has to name the different thing itself. Example slayer_ramp_1. I guess you used standard construction box whith flag.
Example script file

        wait 50
        trigger self setup
        constructible_class    3    // 2=Satchel 3=Dyna

    trigger setup
        setstate slayer_ramp_1_materials default    // Crate Models
        setstate slayer_ramp_1_clip default        // Clip brushes
        setstate slayer_ramp_1_flag default

    built final
        setstate slayer_ramp_1_materials invisible    // Crate Models
        setstate slayer_ramp_1_clip invisible        // Clip brushes
        setstate slayer_ramp_1_flag invisible

        wm_objective_status 1 0 1
        wm_objective_status 1 1 2

        wm_announce "Axis Team has built Slayer assault ramp!"

    decayed final
        trigger self setup

        trigger self setup

        wm_objective_status 1 0 2
        wm_objective_status 1 1 1

        wm_announce "Allied have destroyed Slayer assault ramp!"

Best Regards


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