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temperature in the city reaches 54.8 degrees CELSIUS

hot summer omg

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RIO - The expression "the sun is cracking" is almost as true when you see the thermal sensation of Rio de Janeiro this Saturday, the 11th. Reaching 54.8 degrees at 2:15 pm at Santa Cruz Station in the West Zone It is the highest average recorded in 2020, breaking the year's record, just over 24 hours later. The previous record was 48.6 degrees, recorded on Friday, the 10th.

The maximum temperature was 40.2 degrees in Guaratiba. Already the minimum recorded was 24 degrees, at 3:45 in the Alto da Boa Vista station.

The thermal sensation takes into account temperature, air humidity, wind speed, among other factors. To get an idea, the average Sahara desert is 50 degrees. And the current measurement recorded in Rio is already close to the historical record of 55 degrees, recorded at Guaratiba Station, on 12/21/2014, according to the Rio Alert. The state capital has also recorded a sensation of 54.9 degrees. , registered at Guaratiba Station on February 5, 2015.

Despite the heat, the weather forecast already included possible isolated rain showers. At 5:30 pm, light rain was recorded in Campo Grande. Rio Operations Center included the city in the mobilization stage. This means that there is still no rain all over the territory, but there are radar images indicating the possibility of showers within three hours.

At around 11:15, with the right to crowded beaches, the thermal sensation already marked 47.3 degrees at Barra / Riocentro Station. The Botanical Garden in the South Zone went from 50 degrees (50.7) to 2:15 pm. Guaratiba, on the other hand, kept the sensation in the heights, with 51 degrees, at 15h30. The measurements are made by Alert Rio.


( https://extra.globo....x1e2GlNdg3c7hn8 )

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first Brazil


54.8 C = 130.64 F  that is like death valley in western usa. Probably higher

that is crazy.. keep kids cool and older people.


thermal sensation = Heatwave?


Heatwave =


World Meteorological Organization, defines a heat wave as 5 or more consecutive days of prolonged heat in which the daily maximum temperature is higher than the average maximum temperature by 5 °C (9 °F) or more


stay safe, place top sheet in water and lay under it at night while the fan blows.

It's 60 F here . = 15.5556 C


your comp might overheat man humidity high heat fry some  stuff


stay safe friend. f that beach.. cold showers wet towels.

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54.8 degrees,..u ppl still alive overthere...man


take a look at: https://www.worldatl...e-on-earth.html

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