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This topic will contain MOST of the solutions for forum/server problems.

1. Server related issues

---- Messages
| Server disconnected for unknown reason
| Valid CDKey not reaching server error
| CVAR RATE (error)
| HUNKMEGS failed on XXXX

---- Problems
| When I join up my Screen freezes when I want to join a team.
| When I connect I get redirected to an internetsite with files on it.
| I left on Baserace 1B and I get disconnected and when I rejoin I am Banned for life enforcement
| I get kicked for INADEQUATE O/S Privileges or BLOCKED O/S privileges

---- How to?
| How to Bind?
| How to Connect to Private slots?
| How to keep your Adminlevels secured?
| How to add colors to your name?

2. Forum related issues
---- How to?
| How to Add a signature?

Server Related Issues:


Message: Server disconnected for unknown reason
- Update Punkbuster: ETfolder/PB/PBweb.exe and run it.
- Kick for 0 minutes by Punkbuster, for empty CDkey, name too short or something else related. The server wants a name with 3 characters: ABC and no ë or é and so on, PB will kick you for that as well. You just open your console (~) and look for what PB reports.

Messages: Valid CDKey not reaching server error
If anyone ever gets this error when trying to connect to a server...this is something you can try (from EvenBalance support)

/pb_cdkeyverauto 1

Also, if you get an Empty CDKey error...you can do this:



Message: CVAR RATE (error)
Option: Toggle down the console (~) and type /set rate 40000 and ENTER it. You can rejoin again. Too see what your rate is: /players in the console.

Option: Just reconnect and your fine.

Message: HUNKMEGS failed on XXXX
If you're having problems with "hunk_alloc" and can't connect to a server, there's two ways you can solve the problem:

a) (Aldar)
1. Locate your Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory -file.
- Access it
2. Locate your Etmain -file
- Access it
3. Locate your etconfig.cfg -file
- Access it with Notepad
4. Use search
- keyword 'hunkmegs'
5. Locate your hunkmegs-value
6. Change your hunkemegs-value to '128'

You have to do it after you open ET, BEFORE you connect to any server.
1) Open ET
2) Press ~ to open console, type /com_hunkmegs 128
3) Close ET to desktop
4) Open ET and connect to whichever server

On B1/B3 you will be kicked for 120 seconds so you have to wait until you can join up again. On the other B-servers you can rejoin instantly.
Options: Watch your FIRE, don't bleed (hurt) teammates too much and don't TK too much. To see how much is allowed and where your at, open your console (~) and type this /damage and ENTER it. This will show the information you need.


Problem: When I join up my Screen freezes when I want to join a team.
This is because either the server or PB has problems with you connecting. Update PB first (ETfolder/PB/pbweb.exe and run it), secondly check your firewall, it SHOULD allow ET to connect to the internet. Disable while playing your firewall/virusscan if your having problems.

Problem: When I connect I get redirected to an internetsite with files on it.
You need to download the maps manually than; try to remind which ones you don't have and look up which files you need to download. Save your files in ETfolder/ETmain as an .pk3 file.

Problem: I left on Baserace 1B (B1 server only) and I get disconnected and when I rejoin I am TEMP BANNED for LIFE-enforcement.
This has to do that on this map there are a maximum amount of lives, this is used to ensure that you don't disconnect/reconnect to get more lives. Wait until the map is over and you can join up again.

Problem: Blocked/Inadequate O/S privileges:

If you have these issues, logon to your windows ADMIN account, because pb requires this account, otherwise possible hacks could go undetected. Check your firewall if it allows ET to update, in options.

How to?

How to Bind?

/bind key (action/command/text)


First here is a list of the default keys and the ones you can bind:

CODEbind TAB "+scores" bind . "itemnext"
bind ENTER "+activate" bind ESCAPE "togglemenu"
bind SPACE "+moveup" bind ' "+useitem" bind , "itemprev"
bind - "zoomout" bind 0 "weaponbank 10"
bind 1 "weaponbank 1" bind 2 "weaponbank 2"
bind 3 "weaponbank 3" bind 4 "weaponbank 4"
bind 5 "weaponbank 5" bind 6 "weaponbank 6"
bind 7 "weaponbank 7" bind 8 "weaponbank 8"
bind 9 "weaponbank 9" bind = "zoomin" bind [ "weapnext"
bind \ "+mlook" bind ] "weapprev" bind ` "toggleconsole"
bind a "+moveleft" bind b "+zoom" bind c "+movedown"
bind d "+moveright" bind e "+leanright" bind f "+activate"
bind l "OpenLimboMenu" bind m "OpenLimboMenu"
bind p "+dropweapon" bind q "+leanleft" bind r "+reload"
bind s "+back" bind t "messagemode"
bind v "mp_QuickMessage" bind w "+forward"
bind y "messagemode2" bind z "weapalt" bind ~ "toggleconsole"
bind CAPSLOCK "+speed" bind UPARROW "+forward"
bind DOWNARROW "+back" bind LEFTARROW "+left"
bind RIGHTARROW "+right" bind ALT "+strafe" bind CTRL "+attack"
bind SHIFT "+sprint" bind DEL "+lookdown" bind PGDN "+lookup"
bind END "centerview" bind F1 "vote yes" bind F2 "vote no"
bind F4 "+scores" bind F11 "screenshot" bind MOUSE1 "+attack"
bind MOUSE2 "+moveup" bind MOUSE3 "weapalt"
bind MWHEELDOWN "weapnext" bind MWHEELUP "weapprev"

Note that all F1-F12 buttons can have binds*

Here is how to input the bind:
Open console(`) then enter the string of words you wish to bind, and note that some of them require you to put FT in front of them, so you may have to try---CODE/bind F12 vsay ftexplorearea or /bind F12 vsay exploreareaeventually you will get it, otherwise PM me.

Here are the voice strings:

11 - Path cleared. - PathCleared
12 - The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
13 - All clear. - AllClear
14 - Incoming! - Incoming
15 - Fire in the hole! - FireInTheHole
16 - I'm defending. - OnDefense
17 - I'm attacking. - OnOffense
18 - Taking fire! - TakingFire
19 - Mines cleared. - MinesCleared
10 - Enemy in disguise. - EnemyDisguised

2. Requests

21 - Medic! - Medic
22 - I need ammo! - NeedAmmo
23 - I need backup! - NeedBackup
24 - We need an engineer! - NeedEngineer
25 - Cover me! - CoverMe
26 - Hold fire! - HoldFire
27 - Where to? - WhereTo
28 - We need Covert Ops! - NeedOps

3. Commands

31 - Follow me! - FollowMe
32 - Let's go! - LetsGo
33 - Move! - Move
34 - Clear the path! - ClearPath
35 - Defend our objective! - DefendObjective
36 - Disarm the dynamite! - DisarmDynamite
37 - Clear the mines! - ClearMines
38 - Reinforce the offense! - ReinforceOffense
39 - Reinforce the defense! - ReinforceDefense

4. Talk

41 - Yes! - Affirmative
42 - No! - Negative
43 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
44 - You're welcome. - Welcome
45 - Sorry! - Sorry
46 - Oops! - Oops

5. Global

51 - Yes! - Affirmative
52 - No! - Negative
53 - The enemy is weakened. - EnemyWeak
54 - Hi! - Hi
55 - Bye. - Bye
56 - Great shot! - GreatShot
57 - Yeah! - Cheer
581 - Thanks a lot! - Thanks
582 - You're welcome. - Welcome
583 - Oops! - Oops
584 - Sorry! - Sorry
585 - Hold your fire! - HoldFire
586 - Good game! - GoodGame

6. Function


7. Objectives

71 - Command acknowledged! - CommandAcknowledged
72 - Command declined! - CommandDeclined
73 - Command completed! - CommandCompleted
74 - Destroy the primary objective! - DestroyPrimary
75 - Destroy the secondary objective! - DestroySecondary
76 - Destroy the construction! - DestroyConstruction
77 - Construction underway! - ConstructionCommencing
78 - Repair the vehicle! - RepairVehicle
79 - Destroy the vehicle! - DestroyVehicle
70 - Escort the vehicle! - EscortVehicle

Soldiers Fireteam Voice Chats

Soldier covering fire! - FTCoveringFire
Deploy mortar! - FTMortar
Medics Fireteam Voice Chats
Heal the squad! - FTHealSquad
Heal me! - FTHealMe (will show a medic icon over head)
Revive team mate! - FTReviveTeamMate
Revive me! - FTReviveMe (will show a medic icon over head)

Engineers Fireteam Voice Chats

Destroy objective! - FTDestroyObjective
Repair objective! - FTRepairObjective
Construct the objective! - FTConstructObjective
Deploy landmines! - FTDeployLandmines
Disarm landmines! - FTDisarmLandmines

Field Ops Fireteam Voice Chats

Call airstrike! - FTCallAirStrike
Call artillery! - FTCallArtillery
Call mortar barrage! - FTMortarBarrage
Resupply squad! - FTResupplySquad
Resupply me! - FTResupplyMe (will show a ammo icon over head)

Covert Ops Fireteam Voice Chats

Explore area! - FTExploreArea
Explore at co-ordinates! - FTExploreAtCoordinates
Destroy satchel objective! - FTSatchelObjective
Infiltrate! - FTInfiltrate
Go undercover! - FTGoUndercover
Provide sniper cover! - FTProvideSniperCover

How to Connect to Private slots?

- To start this, private slots are only for certain members and players who are high in the chain of command.

In case of Bunker servers

Step 1:
Enter the password in your console (~) and push ENTER (i.e. /password (insert password) and ENTER)

Step 2:
Connect to the server, when it says SERVER FULL, it is really full (both private and public slots) and you have to try it later. (i.e. /connect

You are in a private slot now. ONLY USE IT WHEN THE SERVER IS FULL (the normal PUBLIC slots)

How to keep your Adminlevels secured?

Then go to your etmain folder, for english version of ET the default location is :

c:\program files\Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory\etmain (windows)


/usr/local/games/enemy-territory/etmain (Linux)


By: djbo
You can find the ETkey in the following path for Macs:

/Library/Application Support/Wolvenstein ET/etmain/(Mac)

This file contains your Level, save it on for example a USB key or at another location (e-mail).

How to add colors to your name:

Most regular semi-newbies and intermediates... sometimes even pros, still don't know how to color their names. So, here's my attempt to explain it:

First things first... when you change your name, always do it on the Limbo menu ("L" key default). If you do this on the "Esc" Options menu, you will be banned for five minutes by PunkBuster for too many name changes.

To add one or several colors to your name, you always first need to tell the game that you want to do so. This is done by using the "^" (without parentheses) symbol, which is on the same key as the number six (6). You can make it by holding down "Shift" and pressing on 6. Note that since the symbol is considered "code", it will disappear from view... don't worry, it's really still there.

You will then need to state which color you want to use. Every letter, number and almost every symbol on your keyboard is a different color. So if you wanted to use red as your color, you would use the number one (1) on your keyboard.

Then just type whatever you wish, and it will appear in the appropriate color.

For example:
typing: ^1John
would give you: John

Yes, it's that simple!

Here's a list of all the numbers and their respective colors:

1 => Red
2 => Green
3 => Yellow
4 => Blue
5 => Cyan (Light Blue)
6 => Pink
7 => White
8 => Orange
9 => Gray
0 => Black

Now, you're probably wondering how you can add multiple colors to your name. It's the exact same procedure... first, do as is stated above to make a color, and type what you would like to write in that color. Then you need to tell the game that you're going to use a new color, so you'll use the "^" (without parentheses) symbol again, followed by a letter, number or symbol of your choice, and you would then type what you wish.

It works like this:
typing: ^1John^7Doe
appears as: John

Using three colors in your name at once:
typing: ^3The^9Fearsome^8Killer
appears as: The

You can add as many colors and change color as many times as you wish. Just remember to always use the ^ symbol and choosing the color you want before typing your name or text.

And yes, this coloring works not only for your name, but also for any other text in Enemy Territory (and RTCW), as well as any other game using the Quake III engine (such as Jedi Knight II).

List of all letters and their respective colors:
Q => Red
W => White
E => Purple
R => Green
T => Dark Blue
Y => Dark Gray
U => Cyan
I => Pink
O => Bright Beige
P => Black
A => Gold
S => Light Yellow
D => Blue
F => Light Blue
G => Bright Green
H => Camo Green
J => Red)
K => Brown
L => Light Gold
Z => Silver
X => Neon-Orange
C => Indigo (Dark Purple)
V => Pink
B => Dark Turquoise (Blue-Green)
N => White ?
M => Olive

List of all symbols and their respective colors:
! => Light Orange
@ => Brown
# => Purple
$ => Baby Blue
% => Indigo (Dark Purple)
& => Bright Blue
* => White
( => Blue
) => Pink
- => Beige (Brown-Yellow)
_ => Blood Red
= => Beige (Brown-Yellow)
+ => Copper (Brown-Red)
[ => Silver
{ => Silver
] => Beige (Brown-Yellow)
} => Beige (Brown-Yellow)
; => Silver
: => Silver
' => Bright Green
" => Turquoise (Blue-Green)
, => Dark Gold
< => Grass Green
> => Dark Blue
. => Bright Yellow
/ => Light Beige
? => Bunkered (bunker-red, the color BunkerGaming uses in their tags)
=> Grass Green
| => Grass Green

Dark: Color is darker then normal
Light: Color is lighter then normal
Bright: Color is much lighter then normal, almost white

Note: Colors depicted are not the exact same as they show up in-game.

Forum Related Issues:

How to Add a signature?
Reposting this for everyone since my old post vanished
There are 2 ways to add a signature for your posts, but only one of those ways works I think...here's how to do it:

Step 1.
Posted Image

Step 2.
Posted Image


Good luck!


Post Scriptum: This post has been compiled of others, their names are between (..). Moderators can update this post by editing it, other persons replying will be deleted.

Activison Support - Knowledge Base for Enemy-Territory
Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory FAQ (by DG)
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Punkbuster Guide for Players
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