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sniper guide, well its not for this game... but it rocks

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this is it, not more to say:

Cail's Sniper Guide

Ok, I felt like writing this because I played some teamplay tonight and was really really hot with the sniper rifle, and then realized that even tho my ping was in the 400s, the trick to sniping is not pure aiming reflexes, but your strategy. Pure aiming reflexes helps, though.

Ok, first things first, your equipment. I'm writing this with teamplay in mind, although some of this will help with DM. Your weapon should obviously be the sniper rifle, but only on certain maps. I wouldn't recommend sniping on kumanru or museum, for example, in less you are playing a small game (1-3 players per team). Any more than that and you can't cover your ass, you'll be surrounded.

The important choice is your item. It all depends on 1. your style, and 2. the level.

* Your style: I personally play with the simple strategy: If they don't know where you are, you will prolly get 1 or 2 extra shots. So I use the silencer more often than not. This mostly depends on the level tho. Laser sight is obviously out, and in most cases I wouldn't recommend the slippers, since you won't be moving a whole lot, and if you do, your shots will give you away. So that leaves the bandolier (unlikely to run out of ammo, so that's out) and the kevlar vest. The kevlar vest is very good, especially against other snipers (since it will let you take an extra shot, in most cases). Usually, I go with the silencer tho.
* The level: If you are playing on a map like desert where you are unlikely to NOT be detected, then go with the vest. Otherwise, I recommend the silencer. If you hit one of them, you are given away tho (since the blood will point at you). But usually your target's friend will shit a brick when he sees his partner explode, so you have enough time to finish him off. If you miss, then they prolly won't see you, since they are too busy freaking out (assuming they hear/saw the riccochet). Not only is the lack of sound nice (since silencers have an effective hearing range of about 10 quake feet), but the lack of a muzzle flash means that your enemy has no cues at all to your location. If you are on a map like desert where you have few options for sniping from, and therefore the enemy can narrow your location down really fast, use a vest.

Ok, now your all decked out and ready to snipe. There are some people who play with the sniper rifle as if it were a normal weapon, and run around on the ground and furball with it. This is fine, and often I do that myself, but you might as well take a weapon that fires faster if your gonna do that. In most cases, you should keep movement to a minimum. This means "camping", which is a word I personally disdain when it comes to teamplay and Action Quake2, especially with the sniper rifle. Anyway, the 3 L's of good sniping are Location, Location, Location! (Ok, that was a bad cliche). In movies and real life, the best sniper spots are always up high. This is often not true in Action Quake2. The reason high spots are good in real life is so you can see more targets, and are harder to hit. I don't think this is usually true in AQ2. The reasons are simple: 1. You have to aim at an angle toward them. If you are on a level plane (ie, the ground) with them, you only have to worry about them moving in the horizontal. 2. If you are in a high spot, that usually means you are immobile. Rival snipers can strafe accross the ground and then quickly hit you since they know where you will be. 3. It's often hard to make sure no one sneaks up on you if you are with your back to the entrance.

I still often snipe from high spots, simply because they are often better than the ground based alternatives. This depends on the map tho. Also, high spots have the advantage of the enemy not being able to bumrush you.

NEW- A few people emailed me reminding me about rotation. This is very important. You HAVE to know when your enemies know where you are. If they see you, and duck for cover, they could be calling reinforcements, and are often saying something like 'say_team SNIPER ON THE ROOF'. This does bad things for your longetivity. What to do? MOVE SOLDIER! A good place to go is somewhere far away from where you were sniping, but still has a view of where you were sniping. The enemy will often run up to where you were sniping from trying to take you out. While they are looking around for you, calmly remove the top 1/3 of their skull. -END NEW

A prime ground based location is a dark corner. With the silencer, they are unlikely to see you, and can't sneak up behind you. You are on a level plain with them so aim at head level and your odds of success from luck alone can win you the round. If there is no dark corner, look for cover of some sort. If only your head and upperchest are showing, they are unlikely to see you, and less likely to hit you. Plus you can duck between shots (always a good idea).

Here's my #1 rule of sniping. The complete trick is to KEEP CALM. Remember, if they are rushing/shooting at you, and you run, you are dead. You can't compete. However, if they are rushing/shooting at you, and you keep calm, you realize your best defence is to blow their fucking head clean off their fucking shoulders. (sorry about that =P). Seriously, nothing hurts morale like 5 blood trails shooting out of their point man. Often they will think twice instead of continuing to rush you. That's your cue to repeat step 1 (blow their fucking heads clean off their fucking shoulders). The only time you should consider running out of your spot is if they are too close to possibly snipe, in which case switch to your pistol and fight them fair and square (i know it sucks, but what can you do, eh?).

What to do about ammo. Well, you all know that you can have 6 rounds in the chamber. You may have also noticed that the more shells you load, the more efficient you are. So my theory is rather than reload after your first shots, wait until you have fired at least 3. That way, you can pop 3 rounds in in nearly the time that popping 1 would take. Also, reloading leaves you open for the enemy to cross that 'no man's land' before you snipe them. Once they cross that line, you have to fight them fair and square, which sucks.

Here's my theory on straight up sniping. You NEED this alias:

//sniper rifle

alias sniper "weapon;sensitivity 6;echo 2x;bind / 4x"

alias 4x "weapon;sensitivity 3;echo 4x;bind / 6x"

alias 6x "weapon;sensitivity 2;echo 6x;bind / 1x"

alias 1x "weapon;sensitivity 12;echo 1x;bind / sniper"

bind / sniper

//emergency sensetivity reset key

bind h "sensitivity 12; bind / sniper"

What does all this do? Well, it adjusts your mouse sensitvity based on your zoom factor. I would have coded this in to AQ2, but mouse sensitivty is completely hard coded. You bind a key to sniper (i use /), and an emergency key. Now, I use a sensitvity of 12, so your math should differ. If you know how to do alias's, you can figure out the math and the rest of this. The "emergency sensitivity reset key" is VERY important. If you die or switch weapons while zoomed out, you need it.

NEW- Ok, I want to clarify this alias some. You need to put it in your .cfg file. If you don't already have an external .cfg, go find a quake2 newbie site that will explain how it works (i really don't know any, but they are out there). My sensitivities were all messed up in general. The math is simple, you take your default sensitivity (in this case 12), and divide it by the zoom factor (12 / 2x = 6). Etc. You can figure it out. -END NEW

Ok, now that you have this, I would suggest using 4x in most cases. It's zoomed in enough and unsensitive enough to where you can place your bullet anywhere you want. 6x is almost worthless, except on REALLY big areas. 2x is good if they will be getting close to you, or if you are gonna fight out in the open.

For the most part, DON'T DUCK! If you duck, that means any shot to you is a headshot (well, almost). This is bad, you will die. Also, you are less mobile, and no more accurate. The only advantage is you are less likely to be seen/shot, but not enough to justify it. You need to be able to quickly dart under cover between shots, so stay standing so you can strafe or duck into cover.

I would usually say DON'T aim for the head. Aim for the stomach. Why? Well, for one, if they duck you will get a head shot. Two, aiming for the head is difficult and unnecessary. You can aim too high and miss, or aim too low and hit chest (they often have a vest, and you all but wasted a bullet). The stomach is perfect, and there's nothing more satisfying then KNOWING your enemy will bleed to death in a matter of seconds. Finally, the stomach means if you accidently aim too high or too low, you will still do damage. Often a leg shot will effectively kill them, since they are immobile, and you can reload faster then they can bandage.

NEW- One more good tip. You can tell how dark you are by looking at your arm. Move around and stare at your arm, you will notice that it reflects the light level of the are you are in. Try to make your arm as dark as possible. On the edge of a building, if your origin is over the edge of the building, the light in that area will brighten you up like day. You get it? - END NEW

Ok, that about wraps up my guide. If you think this was helpful, or just bullshit, either way gimme some feedback, I like to hear opinions, and possibly strategies. I won't really update this, but felt an urgent need to write it.