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Matchweek #1

Ladies and gentlemen, Start of cup has now been announced to pop off on Saturday April 10th 6PM GMT+1. Changes in matchtimes are expected to suit opponents needs. Some matches will have TV support, you can find them later this week on gamestv.org. Also check for spontaneous shoutcast by @-=BRASIL=-  Schedule for 1st weekend will be:  Nutsacks vs TWC Unit vs Team Muppet  Eg vs 18nc  LBN vs 2low4you  skills clan vs FA    Follow progress on toornament page. Cheers

Tourney rules announced

Hey folks, tournament rules were published, please read below. Cheers   Toxic players/ bullying will not be tolerated expect everyone to act like adults and to report toxic players or bullys. • No cheating or team will be automatically disqualified • Players must use their own in-game nickname with their team tag. (teamtag.nickname) • Each team will have a « leader » for better management • The leader will chose a teamtag for his team. • Players can’t


Vicious in Tournament


Hello Bunker Friends, There are efforts made to organise an ET Tournament much like the fabulous Bunker Cups many of you will remember. Tournament layout will be 6v6, double elimination bracket If you are interested participating and form / play in a team please get in touch. Cheers


Vicious in Tournament

Microsoft debunks rumors of being forced to use Duracell batteries in Xbox controllers

Microsoft uses Duracell's AA batteries in its wireless Xbox controllers, and has been doing so for quite some time. The companies have also appeared in marketing material together, and there has been some criticism aimed at the Redmond tech giant from time to time about this solution. Recently, a rumor made the headlines that the firm sports AA Duracell batteries as the charging solution with Xbox controllers only because it is forced to do so as part of a long-running agreement between the two.


Falkes in Xbox News

Cyberpunk 2077

As stated in the title Cyberpunk 2077 is the latest game that everyone is playing. There was so much hype when the game was announced then everyone went crazy when they found out action star Keanu Reeves was going to be in the game. He lended his voice, his face, everything that is Keanu has been added into the game. I'm sure those that play on Steam have seen friends playing the game. I myself pre-purchased the game and pre-loaded to check out. So far I am impressed with the game. I won't spoil


Sakura in Cyberpunk 2077

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