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Tourney rules announced




Hey folks,

tournament rules were published, please read below.



Toxic players/ bullying will not be tolerated expect everyone to act like adults and to report toxic players or bullys.

• No cheating or team will be automatically disqualified

• Players must use their own in-game nickname with their team tag. (teamtag.nickname)

• Each team will have a « leader » for better management

• The leader will chose a teamtag for his team.

• Players can’t change their teams without permission from an admin.

• Each player must make a demo before each round.

Matches - General

• All matches are played in stopwatch mode with the global6 config.

• Selfkill, spawn timer, spawnkilling and walljump are allowed

• Weapons which aren’t restricted by the global6 config are allowed.

• 2 maps will be played for each match.

• Win a map give your team 1 point.

• Loose a map give 0 point.

• Before each match, both leader of each team will choose a map in the map list. They will play both maps before going spect/out.

• If the score is tied after two maps (2-2), a third map must be played with ONE round. The team which wins the cointoss chooses which team attacks.

Note :

- Once the match has started, match results count unless both teams agree that it shouldn't. Lag, ping issues, or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving; every player should check the server before the start of the match.

- If both teams select the same map, then the second map is chosen by cointoss. - In case of disagreement, a cointoss will decide which map is played first.

- If one of the team disconnects before the match is over for any reason, their opponent has the right to claim the win of the round/match. - If one player disconnects, the team has the right to pause the game and find another player for replacement if needed.



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