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  2. When I started to play on B servers there were also B1, B2 and B10. It was around 2015-16, (I can't remember exactly). Then B1 and B2 were empty with the exception of B10 where the players appeared. What about the players? Some people wear different robes and are no longer marked B. Some say they are addicted and don't want to play. Other adults and families and no time. The next ones forgot, they got bored. But there is good news. Some come back just like you.
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  4. well any one know where all the B1 B2 and other B server players go to ? stopt playing or new server ??
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  6. The song that my day starts ^^)🤩
  7. Some new players connect too atm like Ghede, nice objectiv player and friendly chat (I dont speak about some other player that connect, dont play objectiv and dont chat ...) When you look at Splatterladder or ET.tracbase they connect to other wellknown servers too It could be interressant to know why they connect to B4 and what they search on a server ... Maps ? I know that Ghede is looking for some maps he find less on other server Friendly players ? Perhaps we could ask some new players what they search and so we can determine a way to follow It could be in
  8. hihihihi yes lol good movie 🙂 🏆
  9. Yep, need to wait 2022 now ... all in july Ahh what a good time as they played in little places for years, under 5000 ppl .. Now they need football stadium and its booked in 1 hour in Germany ... Lifad, Lifad ..
  10. Dear Geek, You tried to read the file ? I wanted to make an .avi, but its a bit long to do and the file is a bit big to repost ...
  11. From what i can tell for the bots !level they have 6 levels of "difficulty" Higher admins can set them from !bots D1 to D6 and with the highest setting (D6 ~insane) they are very very awake. They shoot like soccer and have the temperament of Sick (hehehe pun intended) I do not know if the bots have different setting for different map's but i don't think they have. Only the amount of them is set per map (objective) Maybe Chap/Owen can give some answer to that question.
  12. hehe thanks Mango u remember me. and yes it was my First car when i was 18 years old :-). seems i was lvl12 in B2. and now i also remember some names in that list Terminator thestig The_Grim_Reaper
  13. Of course its a lot of work ... And I like it The question is : what do we want for B4 ? Or better with who do we want to play ? Objectiv players, sportmanship players and sometimes fun too with a good botwar or panzer party ... Another point is the bot difficulty ... Is it set same lvl all map ? On some map they kill you in a 1000/sec 🙂 Or is it with the skill of the players online ? I dont remember this part actually
  14. Hi Tigra I remember you and also the name Tigradriver, then wondered if it was because you drove an OPEL Tigra or if you wanted one. Can not find you on Splatterladder but you are in the member register on Trackbase and in Bunker Wiki with the Belgian flag. In Bunker Wiki you are Level 5 on B4. https://bunkerwiki.aaxxss.com/index.php?title=T M
  15. Well that's the dilemma Chap (and Owen) i guess had when they implemented that script...You can't do it all right for everyone 😉 The script solves a lot of "sportsmanship" problems but in the rare occasions, it creates problems. Think it is a lot of work to make such a script and takes a lot of testing (not to corrupt the server) and then to make changes it's maybe impossible without reprogramming the the whole thing. Ans with al things in life, it is hard to do it correct the first-time! But one thing for sure, the scrip hates me and Rebel hihihihi 😘 (it's kinda p
  16. Tigra Its nice to hear the admin level is no big deal to you 😛 it is all about the game, and being part of something so i see what you mean about having your tag back. 😛
  17. hey Patie good to hear u remember me 🙂 im verry happy and metal ben also still playing ? for sure he knows me and for Seaman no i didn't save my key after the years u forget it and lost it and new gameing pc and stuff , and for Slayer i just like to have my I>B<I back 😛 and the lvl is no big deal. i was just the 1st or 2and admin lvl thanks Tigra
  18. Thx for the ban 🙂 I dont like so stupid players ... I wanted to start put him spec all time To the subject : Today for example we played with Tommy and Lifetime2, than Sick and Master I was with Lifetime, we looses against 3 other 🙂 Next map he wanted to join Allied ... 4 against me Auto team script make him join me again; he tried to go allies again Than diconnected ... Many players do that ...
  19. For sure levels arent same ... not same server 😉 I was lvl 14 on B2, 6 on B4 ... You didnt save your ETkey ?
  20. Ok so according to trackbase https://et.trackbase.net/?mod=search&search=tigra&s_minrateV=3 there was a Bunker member called Tigra from Belgium, but they haven't played for 3348 days (about 9 years) I know this doesn't help with what admin level he was. but it does show there was a tigra from Belgium in the Community. Personally i think, unless someone knows what level you were Tigra, maybe start again with Admin levels as levels are not the most important thing, playing the game is, If admin is needed there is useually someone around.
  21. Hiya Tigra, Good to see you here again! that for shure is a long time ago 🙂 I have to dig deep...I know Tigra was for shure member and admin on B2, but I can't remember what lvl. To my knowledge not the high admin, but forgive me if I make a mistake there. Maybe Falkes, Metal Ben with his Iron memory or even Pey can assist here a bit? I hope they can tell more...anyway come and join the fun on B4! Cheers, Patie
  22. Maybe disable the balanced teams script for the test for about 2 weeks? And so much will depend on the players themselves, but maybe it's worth a try?
  23. it can be that the first time i played this game it was Tigradriver im not sure 😞
  24. Hi Tigra I don't remember if we ever played (i didn't play much on B2), but welcome back 🙂 @Creepy Geek Maybe you think of canadian tigre (with e) ? /chap
  25. I hear you API, It gets under my skin also from time to time 😞 Must say that the more "relaxed" people (and the ones i like the most) are in the early afternoon. after dinnertime my connection/server cloaxes up and starts to really lag for me...even worse the most top classes/skilled players connect and join (same) teams, the Fun for me then is usually gone... Sometimes the balance-script even works against us at that moment. When for example Sick/Soccer/WTF (the real skilled persons) make a team they can take like 10 of us with ease and still the server starts to
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