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Briefing.png Map Story

The last map in the group is also one of the toughest for the Allies. Set in the snowy mountains, the Allies need to use a tank to blast their way into an Axis camp, and then blow up their fuel depot. Before that, however, the Allies need to build a bridge over a frozen river, which will be heavily defended by the Axis.

Once through the first wall, the Allies assume control of the forward spawn point, and can drive the tank through a series of caves before reaching the Axis base, which is watched over by two MG42s. Once the main entrance is blown up, the tank can be driven around back to open up a second entrance to the base. The fuel depot is located all the way at the rear of the Axis installation, and cannot be accessed until one of two gates is blown up.

Map Objectives

Allies.png Allied Objectives

  1. This can be a tough map for the Allies.If the Axis are strong, they can set up tons of defenses and rip your team to shreds before you can even get near the bridge construction area. In this case, you'll need some snipers to take out the long-range gunners, and Engineers who can work quickly.
  2. There's a side route where the Allies can build a footbridge.It's no easier to get across than the main bridge, and taking this route will only weaken your main attack.
  3. Once you've reached the main Axis base, concentrate on keeping the two MG42 nests and the connecting catwalk clear, and you'll save yourself a lot of grief.
  4. Drive the tank around to open up the secondary entrance, which does two things: it forces the Axis to concentrate on two different entrances, and the tank's MG42 also has a nice view of the area from here, including rooftops that may have snipers.This is where you'll want to concentrate your assault.
  5. One underhanded bit of strategy it's possible for an Engineer and Covert Ops to work together and infiltrate the Axis base without the tank ever reaching the Axis base.
  6. Once the side grate is blown open, simply send the two through the side entrance ,kill an Axis soldier and have the Covert Ops guy steal his uniform have the disguised Covert Ops player open the door to the Axis base and let the Engineer inside.
  7. If the Axis are totally focused on stopping the tank which they usually are early on they may leave their rear base totally unguarded, making it child's play at this point to blow up the fuel depot for an easy win.


Axis.png Axis Objectives

  1. It is more than possible for the Axis to defend this map and never let the tank cross the bridge.
  2. Build your guard tower, set up a few mobile MG42s, bring in a sniper, and call in constant airstrikes.
  3. The tunnel down by the river makes a nice camping spot it has a nice view of the bridge construction point.
  4. Once the Allies have reached the front entrance, you have lots of defensive options.
  5. The most important is to completely mine the areas in front of the fuel depot, and have at least one soldier and Engineer someone watching over the area at all times.The roof of the Axis base is a good place for this.
  6. The rest of your defenses should be concentrated on the two main entrances. It takes a LONG time for the Allies to make the run from the forward base to yours, so there's no excuse for not having a solid defense. You don't have to run through the caves just have soldiers lurking next to the exits.
  7. Whatever you do, don't get caught by the Allies' Covert Ops/Engineer strategy. If someone sets the dynamite at your fuel depot while you're still defending the bridge, do whatever it takes to get back there ASAP even if that means sitting on your own grenade and respawning as an Engineer.

Feature-icon-updates.png Change Log

  • Made a few Minor changes to the original map using the Released Map Source File.
  • Moved the East Barricade to the side of the building where the half open gate was.
  • This was done due to Newbies would build the East Barricade making it dificult for Axis to defend the Depot
  • Now it can be built and not hamper the Axis from defending it, which makes for Better Game Play.
  • Added a ladder to the backside of that wall so the Axis can exit the area.
  • Added spawns to the Garage for the Allies to Spawn in
  • Allies will autospawn in the Garage once the Side Wall at the Rear of the Depot is Destroyed.
  • Allies CAN spawn at the CP anytime it is built by picking that spawn in the Limbo Menu.
  • I made it where Newbies would be forced to Auto Spawn in the Garage once the Side Wall was Blown.
  • Deleted all the LMS stuff AND a few models to reduce the hunkmegs_used to lessen the chance of getting the Max_Gamestate_Chars Error.
  • Made bulletin boards non-destructible to save one entity count.
  • Made the door to the generator room functional.


Originally created by ID software.

Modified by: Jecoliah

Information is all posted on the Fourms at Bunker.aaxxss.com.


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