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K5 "Leopold"
title        :  K5 "Leopold"
file         :  k5.map + leopold.pk3
author       :  Thrawn
email address:  grossadmiral_thrawn@web.de  
ICQ          :  159647782 (Grossadmiral Thrawn)
Yahoo        :  hamstabacke
description  :    This is a prefab of the famous german railway gun K5 "Leopold". The K5 was the standard                             railwaygun of the Germans, and also the most successful one with its 280mm projectiles and its                      range of 60km (with rocket supported projectiles whole 120km!).
To use this prefab in your map, you have to put the "leopold.pk3" into your 'etmain'-folder. After this, you can import the "k5.map" into your map. If you publish the map, don't forget to add the leopold.pk3 to your *.zip, next to your map-*.pk3, otherwise the player won't be able to see the textures of the k5. You also can extract the leopold.pk3 and add the textures and shaders to your *.pk3-file of your map- this will also work.
***Something you should know***
You may edit this prefab, but please add my Name to the Credits in your Map-Readme when you use it. And it would be also nice, if you would contact me if you used it in you Map... I like to know in which map my K5 is used 😉
***I'm sorry for...***
My bad english, I'm just a German pupil 😉
Have fun!

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