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Briefing.pngMap Story

Axis Special Operations Units are striking the XF5U prototype secret Facility. Axis Must destroy the Three XF5U Prototypes and steal the Schematics as well as the Fuel Formula and transmit to Axis Command. Allies must stop the Axis from accomplishing the above objectives

Allies.pngAllied Objectives


Protect the XF5U and Secret Documents.

  1. Defend the XF5U #1
  2. Defend the XF5U #2 AND XF5U #3
  3. Construct and Defend the South Gate
  4. Construct Defend the North Gate
  5. Defend the XF5U Project Room Door
  6. Defend the the XF5U Schematics
  7. Defend the XF5U Fuel Formula
  8. Do Not let the Axis Transmit the Documents

Axis.png Axis Objectives


Destroy the XF5U Prototypes and Transmit the Documents.

  1. Destroy the XF5U #1
  2. Destroy the XF5U #2 AND XF5U #3
  3. Destroy the South Gate
  4. Destroy the North Gate
  5. Destroy the XF5U Project Room Door
  6. Steal the XF5U Schematics
  7. Steal the XF5U Fuel Formula
  8. Transmit the Documents


40px-Feature-icon-updates.pngChange Log

XF5U 5.1 Release

  • Made Project Room Door able to be destroyed by Satchel. (was dyno only)
  • Added a ladder corridor.


XF5U 5.0 Release

  • Not going to go into alot of detail about the changes for this version, basically i shortened the distances that both teams had to travel in the second section.
  • Also, deleted all the outside stuff for the second section and moved the Transmitter inside.
  • A few other various changes that i hope will improve gameplay.


XF5U 4.0 Release

  • Deleted the starting Axis Spawn completely and moved all the Player Spawn Entities to the Bunker opposite the Allied Bunker making the Axis Spawn closer to the Allied Spawn.
  • Got rid of the tunnel that Axis had to climb up to the Bunker with the Ammo and Health cabinets due to Allies were ambushing them there and i added a direct hallway from the New Axis Spawn to that Bunker with spawn protection shield in the opening.
  • Added a Door to the Bunker that is now the Axis starting Spawn on the East Side as an option for Axis to exit that way.
  • Also, made all three doors in the Axis bunkers only accessible by Axis Players or Allied Covert Ops.
  • I added a short hallway in the Allied Bunker that goes to the hallway that exits at the rear of that building and moved some ammo and health cabinets to that hallway.
  • In the Second section i added a hallway near the Elevators that goes to the bottom section and moved the constructible Allied Door to the opening of that hallway. This way the Axis have a direct route to the bottom section. The door can be destroyed by Satchel charge as well as Dyno.


XF5U 3.0 Release

  • I made holes in both the lifts so now Axis can drop down from the top into the lift.
  • Made a Forward Spawn in the Lab area for Axis Only, Allies can push the Axis back by capturing it but wont spawn there.
  • Moved the Transmitter building closer to Allied spawn.
  • Added some detail brushes like bushes, crates, pole lights, etc...
  • Game play will be much different due to the Axis forward spawn, Allies will Have to Defend the Transmitter or they will surely lose.


XF5U 2.0 Release

  • I made Major changes to reduce the map size and the Open areas.
  • This Version Has Close Quarters Fighting and reduced space and Quicker routes to the Battle!
  • In the First Section the Axis and Allied Spawns are much closer to each other and the Objs.
  • In the Second Section i moved the Axis Spawn underground and closer to the Docs Objs and i moved the Transmitter Close to the Allied spawn therefore it will be easy for the Axis to get the Docs but Difficult to get them to the Transmitter as the Allies will spawn close to the Transmitter to defend it.
  • There are several routes for the Axis to use to get the Docs to the Transmitter and Allies Must Defend it.




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