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 Basic Information

Author        : |>B<|Mongo
Email address    : general.lossnus@hotmail.com

 Map Information

Game        : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title        : Bee Town A1
Filename    : beetown_a1.pk3
Release date    : 2011-11-04
Program        : SD Radiant 1.4.0

Installation    : Place the map beetown_a1.pk3 to your etmain folder,
          select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or
          bring down the console and type: /map beetown_a1.

New Textures    : 36 (Read the 2 Mongo_info.txt in folder textures/beetown,
          textures/beetown/jecoliah and Texture.txt in textures/beetown/noctua_graphics)
New Sounds    : 1 (KillerBee sound from [http://www.4uall.net/free-sound-effects
New Models    : 2 (Beer and Honey made by me)
New GFX        : Compass-score board from RayBan

 Briefing.pngInfo! This is a object map. Axis and Allies need to get back the Beer / Honey
          and bring it home to their own storage cellar to gain victory.
          You can steel all four object but only leave one at the same time.
          The team that get all four object back or the highest number of object wins.
          If it's a draw at time limit the map ends draw.

40px-Feature-icon-updates.png#. Version A1
Changed many things, some are my own ideas but most of the information I received on the FP1 version. Thanks to everyone for the feedback.
Two new items 1 / team. The drain grate is not built from the start and you have to build the command post in order to use the secret path.
I hope the changes will make it faster way to fight but you can still choose the long way and even sneak ways.

#. Version FP1 First Playable:

#. Objectives
 Axis.png   : Axis
    1. Steel back the Beer and defend the Honey.
    2. Build Southwest and Southeast assault ramp.
    3. Destroy Allies Maingate, Southwest and Southeast Iron fence.
    4. Build the commandpost.This open the secret way under ground to the Allies Base but you need to destroy the drainage grate to get up.
    5. Defend / Destroy the object that Allies trying to do.

  Allies.png  : Allies
    1. Steel back the Honey and defend the Beer.
    2. Build Northwest and Northeast assault ramp.
    3. Destroy Axis Maingate, Northwest and Northeast Iron fence.
    4. Build the commandpost. This open the secret way under ground to the Axis Base but you need to destroy the drainage grate to get up.
    5. Defend / Destroy the object that Axis trying to do.

Please report any bugs, suggestions or if you have any ideas on how to improve the map to Email [general.lossnus@hotmail.com] or PM at |>B<|BUNKERGAMMING COMMUNITY HTTP://BUNKER.AAXXSS.COM

 Special thanks and Credits to:

2Bit for a great Tutorial.

RayBan for the stuff that he makes and I have use. (compass-score board).

Loffy for the information and thing I use and find in map (loffy_ctf_prefab2.pk3).

|>B<|Peyote for answered questions.

|>B<|Jecoliah for some textures and answered questions.

|>B<|Mantex who told me about the Tutorial.

All the Bunker members who examined and tested the first version (BeeTown_FP1) on there own PCs and gave feedback and suggestions how to improve the map.

All mappers and players out there ho has given me allot of funny moments while I have been playing the game.

Some script idea are taken from loffy_ctf_prefab2 and 2Bit-Tutorial
Script and text explanation made and modified by |>B<|Mongo for the map Bee Town A1.

Thanks to all author.

 Texture/Shader Notes:

If authors wish to use textures or models from this level you must ensure you get the permission of the origional author first.

I changed the name and size of some textures so they work in Radiant. I also change some shader.
The name of the texture IS NOT a claim by myself as to the creation of the texture.

Some of the Textures are my own Custom textures or free textures that I modified. Also Some of the scripts and shaders I made myself.

Request to use any part of the Map or contents of the Pk3 file should be E-Mailed to general.lossnus@hotmail.com.

Thanks to all author.


Copyright © 2011 |>B<|Mongo all rights reserved

This level may be electronically distributed only at
NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST
include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN


Edited by Falkes

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