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  1. riot

    Bunker Member, Bunker Admin?

    I guess Geek explained it kinda well ... he's kinda good in explaining if he wants too 😁 Being Admin (on Bunkerforum) is imo a symptom of old age - so being just old 🤔 or being long time on Bunker 🙂 ... usally those are/were also high admin on server.
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  2. Since we've update the board with the new version of ipb we've lost some settings 🤔 you can found here a simply list of the members
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  3. But i'm old... Very old...
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  4. Hai Havanna :) Good question, easy answer (i think) It's al about your status game/forum and the recognition towards others. Bunker member = member (voted) who can wear the |>B<| tag Bunkeradmin = member+admin on gameserver I think it's to see when you need a specific type of person at the forum. It's like on B4. You have multi levels of players from 0=>5 and from 5=>8 and 9 + 10. Level 5 => 10 are all members but not all are admins and not all are high admins. All can see different parts of the forum just like the difference i
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