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  1. Hey folks, tournament rules were published, please read below. Cheers Toxic players/ bullying will not be tolerated expect everyone to act like adults and to report toxic players or bullys. • No cheating or team will be automatically disqualified • Players must use their own in-game nickname with their team tag. (teamtag.nickname) • Each team will have a « leader » for better management • The leader will chose a teamtag for his team. • Players can’t change their teams without permission from an admin. • Each player must make a demo before eac
  2. Adlernest Braundorf final Bremen Caen decay Erdenberg b3 Frostbite ice karsiah missle b3 Oasis TE Radar Sp delivery te Supply Sw goldrush te Tc base
  3. Hello Bunker Friends, There are efforts made to organise an ET Tournament much like the fabulous Bunker Cups many of you will remember. Tournament layout will be 6v6, double elimination bracket If you are interested participating and form / play in a team please get in touch. Cheers
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