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  1. Thank you for your reply Zozz but I think I made a wrong description of my question šŸ™‚ I loggin aaxxss I press the button "unread content" A list of topics is presented with new posts that i did not yet read. In that list there is also a lot of posts in the section "home/downloads/prefabs" Is there a way to may those topics that are "new" but i have no interest in and pollute my "unread content"-list Example; today i connect there are 10 new posts. 8 of them are in the section "prefabs" So before next time i connect I want to
  2. Hi all, Quistion; is there a way to "not" follow a topic. Example - Topic about Prefabs Everytime I connect to aaxxss then in the "unread Content" the screen is loaded with posts in Prefabs section. Maybe interesting for others but it's not something i am interested in. After scrolling downdowndown i just press the "mark site read" button because this takes me to long to filter manually. Is there a way to make a ruler to exclude topics? Greetings ^^
  3. Still I like this topic šŸ˜‰ If someone has a problem related to console/hunkmegs it's very convenient to redirect them to this nice post on the forum. I like quick-reference cards ^^ Edit: it's 192 or more then =>192 slayer šŸ™‚
  4. Very good post Chap - thank you for the effort šŸ˜‰ In a addition, i noticed some peeps don't know the "console" button. and when i tell its "under the esc" some seem to have a different keyboard layout and get lost. B. Pull down the console in ET When the game have started (use the key just below the "Esc" button on your key board). For extra information. This key on your keyboard it is called the "tilde" key and it is the button always left next to the 1 upper left It has a the ~ sign. 2nd little thingy. if you "quit" ET make sure you do not use a
  5. Feliz aƱo nuevo All the best wishes to all friends out there :)
  6. Merry Geekmas all šŸ™‚ Stay safe, eat a lot šŸ¦™
  7. Hihi yes mine was 49.9CC because of regulations in the Netherlands....so I went to Germany (next door) to get a 50CC-plus piston head and a Vespa 13-er carburetor looool it fitted like a glove and now i could ''fly'' with a wooping 45Km/H hahahaha any faster and the drive-belt was spinning on its own ^^ ahhhh the memories šŸ™‚ still miss that yellow old lady...
  8. I found this....but you probably found it also? https://help.augment.com/en/articles/2510164-blender-how-to-export-your-3d-models
  9. Lol me myself had a Mobylette kapteinAV50 from71' heheh we are getting old ;)
  10. Great to see you throwing effort in our beloved game SL4Y3R šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ I'm sure the green munster can't wait to put it live on B4 šŸ¤©
  11. That's a real nice classical moppet šŸ™‚ Looks like some one took care of it šŸ‘Œ
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