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  1. From what i saw you are not the only person having this problem. During daytime it's usually OK to play but after around 18.00 connection starts to crap up. Same goes when server is loaded with bots (aka botwar) For myself i have only some bigger lagspikes from time to time but not the constant lags like others experience. Also strange is that even if my ping is better/lower the routing for players with a higher ping is better handled by the server/game. Meaning i sometimes die after walking around the corner out of sight of the person that just shot me. Like there is a delay
  2. Well you can !vote to end the map. Chose your battles against the bots carefully...they play mean sometimes :) Map's like Italia are very hard to fight the axis bot team, and bare in mind that bots spawnkill....that's how they roll ^^ If a high admin is online he can be asked to lower the "level" of difficulty of the bots. (from 1~6) What helps to fight some map's is to make a good human team. Covert and engineer must work together does the trick on many maps/choke-points. o-0._.0-o trained his bot-army well ^^
  3. Ah great post/help, I really thought this was only me (and didn't want to whine again hahaha) Thanks Brasil for making this post and Owen for quickFix ^^
  4. Hai Havanna :) Good question, easy answer (i think) It's al about your status game/forum and the recognition towards others. Bunker member = member (voted) who can wear the |>B<| tag Bunkeradmin = member+admin on gameserver I think it's to see when you need a specific type of person at the forum. It's like on B4. You have multi levels of players from 0=>5 and from 5=>8 and 9 + 10. Level 5 => 10 are all members but not all are admins and not all are high admins. All can see different parts of the forum just like the difference i
  5. My favorite victim joined ^^ !nade D.A.W.I.D. hihiihihih
  6. Hey Api, BIG thanks for your donation 🥰 Be noticed that there are two ways to donate !! 1 - Bunker.aaxxss.com (this forum in USD) and one for Bunker4fun.com 2 - Bunker4fun.com (game server + ingame donation list + forum in EUR) Thanks again, both are more than welcome!!!
  7. Problem seems to be solved. A admin of B4 banned a player for TK (valid) but forgot to check to see if the player got a GUID. So in result, server started to disconnect players with reason "you are permanently banned - message no TK" We removed the "incorrect" ban entries and luckily this solves the problems for you (and others) Lessons learned - be careful with banning and how to perform it. Frag-on :)
  8. Hi snip, I heard from soccer you tried to connect but i could not see you being kicked nor that you even tried to connect??? There was no player connecting atm you tried to connect. Normally there also is a message in console that a player tries to connect/Kicked with a reason of the ban. There was nothing!! Dit you connect to the right server? Weird... Can you try to use a different ETkey just to test? (BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL!!!) Maybe try to run the game as administrator sometimes helps.
  9. This like will get you directly to our "own" Bunker WIKI website, so not the archived version!! https://bunkerwiki.aaxxss.com/index.php?title=Bunker_Rules
  10. I fully agree with you Api. Good call for that old link to the rule-book we agreed on. This link will bring you back to 2010 (for a start - Be patient it may take a while to load) https://web.archive.org/web/20120321015549/http://bunkerwiki.aaxxss.com/index.php/Bunker_Rules
  11. I also think it's good that Falkes putt up all those things, and i thank him for that :) It was just an example of when people not regular connect getting a long list of new posts and maybe they miss some because of that. But in my example, i know i will never look into that topic. Why not make it easy on myself de-selecting it for the future ;)
  12. Thank you for your reply Zozz but I think I made a wrong description of my question 🙂 I loggin aaxxss I press the button "unread content" A list of topics is presented with new posts that i did not yet read. In that list there is also a lot of posts in the section "home/downloads/prefabs" Is there a way to may those topics that are "new" but i have no interest in and pollute my "unread content"-list Example; today i connect there are 10 new posts. 8 of them are in the section "prefabs" So before next time i connect I want to
  13. Hi all, Quistion; is there a way to "not" follow a topic. Example - Topic about Prefabs Everytime I connect to aaxxss then in the "unread Content" the screen is loaded with posts in Prefabs section. Maybe interesting for others but it's not something i am interested in. After scrolling downdowndown i just press the "mark site read" button because this takes me to long to filter manually. Is there a way to make a ruler to exclude topics? Greetings ^^
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