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  1. Hello Fane ! Finaly found our forum 🙂 Always a pleasure to play with you
  2. Rammstein forever ! I bought tickets mid 2019 for their concert in Lyon (France) and Goteborg mid 2020 All reported same date in 2021 ... I dont know atm if it will be cancelled or not 😪
  3. Was a time some commands were often used ... Yes !disorient is very funny because some didnt know it as cmd But it is more quiet nowaday Can someone refresh the B4 rules about capturable spawn and heavy weapons (bazooka, arty ...) : authorized or not ? That was a big question last time ... (and some big b4 admins didnt know 🙃 na na no name) (I remember more the B2 rules ...zzz)
  4. Happy new year m8s ! Hope to forget 2020 and that 2021 will be better ... But I have some doubts, dont know why ...
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