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  1. In my old etpub days, it was: - Venice (the old, more warm enlighted version, with the working anti tank gun and the more primitive boat, and the Command Post) - Siwa Oasis (with the need to defend against double jumpers) - Goldrush - Chicken Bucket (v2) !!! 🙂 - Baserace (b3a, without the fortress in the middle, just an open field with fog and gravestones)
  2. Hi Angel, just found this post right now. You most likely will not be able to do anything against this - maybe choosing another Internet Service Provider. I have the same spikes. The problem is the route your packets take to/from the server. Most of the route is DDoS protected and cannot be tracerouted. The last hop also for me shows bad pings and packetloss. I had a post in the old forum analyzing that issue. In the end between 19 and 1 o' clock during the week and between sometime at the noon and night at the weekend, I got packet loss. I think (but do not know for sur
  3. Rammstein - Ausländer All Faces Down - Sink or Swim
  4. Hey, we had a thread in the old forum about our mice. Do you want to continue it? I was proud owner of a Logitech MX Revolution for about 13 years until it died 1-2 weeks ago. Now I got a G502 Lightspeed I can see the progress in sensors: it can detect faster movements where my old one didnt detect the full way. But it doesn't have an auto-unlocking endless-scroll-wheel (logitech calls it hyper-fast-scrolling with smart-shift). It has an endless-scroll-wheel, but its modes have to be switched manually. The software, well.... they started from scratch. I miss a lot
  5. The Internet Archive might have something you want to revive: https://web.archive.org/web/20190205024204/http://bunker.aaxxss.com/forums/index.php?app=portal
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