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  1. Heya Ladies! One question... Some Ladies are Bunker Member and some Ladies are Bunker Admin in the forum. I can't see why... It follow no sense i think... Please help a confused Noob! Greetings Havanna
  2. Heya Soccer! You have the power to do something. Tell it to an admin or do something by yourself. Use your comands and your voice. Greetings Havanna
  3. I like the comand !freeze, !glow or !disorient. That makes a lot of fun and it's better than !warn or !kick. But sometimes, like Old wrote, i do not see what's going on in the game. It's a game and the name of the server is Bunker4Fun. Greetings Havanna
  4. It's a '68 Schwalbe in a good condition. Older than me...
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