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  1. Hello R3aper nice to see you here πŸ˜›
  2. Ahhh ok, no worries, I am always happy to help if i can, i know how hard it is to learn something if you don't get help from somewhere. .....Waypoints...yes i started doing waypoints years ago, for clan i was with who had maps with no waypoints or didn't quite work correctly. So thats the easy part of making a map for me.
  3. Hi Mongo No worries, i know what it like when i get stuck into my map, time just flies by lol. Great news on fixing the holes, what are the other errors? i have had loads of errors and sorted them eventually, i might beable to help? I have managed to do quite a bit of my map the last few days, i have decided not to try and make my own models for now, something i will learn later on i think. I have had to make it bigger as it was a bit on the small side and would probably be completed within 5 minutes lol. Thank you for asking. Yes I will do some screen shots, once i have fi
  4. Thank you Geek, makes sense now πŸ˜› and i agree with Geek its a great helpful post.
  5. Ummm are hunkmegs 196 or 192, as i seem to have 192, which i was told by someone...umm can't remember who, but if i have it wrong i need to know and i can change it. thank you :)
  6. Ahh yes, it must have been leaking through to the void area. Ummmm from the fact that you have made maps before, that wouldn't make sense though, as I am assuming that you extended the outer box that seals the map off from the void?
  7. Happy New Year Wous, Mongo and everyone πŸ˜›
  8. Yes version 1.6.6 has the same grid size, but doesn't like 0.25, as when i use that and save it, the brush disapears, i think i might have found a way to solve the problem with my small model, and that is to save the 3 parts of it separately, which are all different colours, then put them back together in radiant. Its only really one model i need to do this with, (its an important model) i can make the others in radiant as they are bigger. i did want to use just my own models and ones within radiant however i think i will be using other peoples too, i found a website with lots of them which ar
  9. yes there are only 6 levels. Thank you Zozz for the games πŸ˜›
  10. Asteroiden Kampf freezes/crashes at the end of level 5, score of 6000
  11. Merry Christmas Riot and everyone πŸŽ„β›„β›„
  12. ok so what i was doing is making something very small using blender, as it can't be done in radiant because of its size, it turns out that i can't export more than 1 texture to a .md3. (info from katsbits) and this is where im having the problem, so im going to try and export the item in 3 pieces, and see if that works. Im not wanting anything too advanced, so i will take a look at Q3_Model_Tool_v162 thank you Mongo I have version 1.6.6 Gtk Radiant which has several of the entities missing and they are not in any of the other versions as i have downloaded them and looked, i believe
  13. Hi Geek I have seen that, but it doesn't work for GTK Radiant which is what i use to make the map in...However i have just messaged them to see if they can help πŸ˜„Thank you for looking for me, that was really kind of you :P
  14. Hi Everyone Does anyone know much about Blender? i have made items however i am having trouble exporting them with the materials/textures. I have looked at loads of tutorials, which are great for making items just not for exporting them.
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