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  1. mmm, your connection at home is fine. It is somewhere on the route itsself were a hickup is. I did a tracert myself and also had some longer timeouts on the furtherend of the route, "he.as58291.net" is somewhere in the Netherlands, Colorcenter.nl, a center for dedicated server rental in my opinion. Ha just found out that B4-server is located at colorcenter 😛 (Tracing route to 5-39-188-175.colocenter.nl [] ) 🙂 All hops are somewhat high but not distrubing, Last hop might be a bit on the high side (47/50/*), but definatly not realy your problem. see my part
  2. Hi, Maybe you can look at your packages that go to the server, maybe it is not you but somewhere down the pipeline a hickup Go in windows to cmd prompt (search cmd app) then type: tracert to.bunker4fun.com IT should return an overview of your timeintervals between hops on the route to the server. Make shure your connection to your router is as good as possible. Hope it shows something 🙂 Cheers, Patie
  3. Hi Fane, welcome aboard 🙂 Have fun! Cheers, Patie
  4. Owen came by to check, Thx 😛 Problems seem to be solved by themselves 🙂 Cheers, Patie
  5. Hiya Inspektor! Have fun here 🙂 Cheers, Patie
  6. Hiya Riyuzaki! Welcome to the forum and our community! Thxk you for your intro! Have fun here and especially on our server 😛 Cheers, Patie
  7. Welcome!😛 Look especially at the tourney topics 😛 Cheers, Patie
  8. Hiya yung, Enjoy your stay here! Cheers, Patie
  9. Soccer (And others) if im in game i cant see all unfortunatley, plz pm me then, ill go spec and see whats going on. No problem with that. So plz let people know when you think or see when something is not according to the rules. Cheers, Patie
  10. Hidihi, Well as the rules say on the server (Menu -> Rules). One must actively try to capture the spawn. Use of heavy weapons is to the admins discretion 😛 For me personaly: no heavy wapens to be used on a capturable spawn. I will tell the players this if I see it, but not an immidiate kick or whatever...first communication is in order as the rules on the server are not that defined. Most important rule: Behave and have fun 😛 Cheers, Patie
  11. Hiya Ben, Good to cu here 🙂 Hope everything is ok with you too! Stay well! Cheers Patie
  12. Merry X-mas all, Stay save! cheers 🙂
  13. Haha thx;-) Good to be back here guys! Let's have some fun :-) Cheers Patie
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