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  1. Where is my membercard? 😉 Welcome to Bunker Xane 🙂
  2. Welcome to Bunker Forums Pepsi Max 😉
  3. I guess Geek explained it kinda well ... he's kinda good in explaining if he wants too 😁 Being Admin (on Bunkerforum) is imo a symptom of old age - so being just old 🤔 or being long time on Bunker 🙂 ... usally those are/were also high admin on server.
  4. Same valid for me - write me, when I am there There is usually always someone that has at least some power to do something - if not, write on discord for example, I guess someone will read it and come ... @Soccerkill It's not like that B4 is a place of chaos and anarchy ... if there is a bunch of new players (which there are lately) then they need to learn the rules - easy as that 😉
  5. I guess some know at what movie this song appears haha
  6. Happy new year everyone 🙂 🎉
  7. Heho Ben - good to you see here (again) 🙂
  8. haha, nice memories geek, indeed 🙂 speaking of Vespa ... owning an old, well working and in good shape Vespa is already a investment - they are not getting cheaper 😉
  9. DDR Moped 🙂 I had a Steyr Puch Maxi (building year I am not sure) where I put 60ccm ... with it's low weight it was like race bike haha
  10. ohhh, looks like new 🙂
  11. great to hear that there is still something new coming up 🙂 any preview? 😉
  12. Zozz working on it, but seems accounts and stuff is gone .. gonna see what he will dig out 🙂
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