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Author        : Stealth'

 Map Information

Game        : Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Title        : CTF_Prefab
Filename    : CTF_Prefab.pk3
Release date    : 07/01/2010
Decription    : This is a Capture the Flag Prefab.
          The map contains an example map with the red and blue flags and 2 scoreboards.
          The script is pretty well documented and more info can be found in the ReadMe.txt
          The Map end when either team has 100 caps so the scoreboard goes until 99 for
          both sides. If the time runs out before a team reaches 100 caps (which is most
          likely the case) the map script figures out who has the most caps, if both teams
          have an equal amount of caps it's a draw! (how boring :P)

Program        : NetRadiant

 Mappers Info:

-The .map file can be found inside the pk3 under maps.

-All other files can be found in the pk3 aswell under the respective paths.

-If you want more scoreboards just select the elements of one of them and just copy it (spacebar)
(I used remapshader so it would be easier to duplicate scoreboards)

Alternatively if you want to create your own scoreboard then do so and apply the textures:
-alscore0 for the 1-9
-alscore00 for the 10-90
-axscore0 for the 1-9
-axscore00 for the 10-90

so it looks like this:

| alscore00 | alscore0 || axscore00 | axscore0 |

-If you want to replace the numbers you can find them in: textures/scoreboard
Do mind that you keep the same names though so replace the old files (score0, score1, etc)
If you change these names it won't work since the shader uses these names.
(psd file included)

-If you want to change the commandmap markers you can find them in: gfx/limbo

-The axis and allies text in the scoreboard is pure eyecandy (it can be deleted)

-Inside the water there are 'fake goals' so that if somebody dies in this area the flags are
immediately returned. Use this method inside lava for instace otherwise players can't return
the flag 😉

You Make 'fake goals by creating 2 trigger_flagonly_multiple inside eachother.
On the first trigger tick the box 'blue_flag' and type this in:
Key: scriptname
Value: alflag_fakegoal

On the second trigger tick the box 'red_flag' and type this in:
Key: scriptname
Value: axflag_fakegoal

Mind that these triggers do not kill players so you will have to put a trigger_hurt beneath them.


-Cleaned up map file
-Cleaned up script
-Swapped scoreboard: Instead of using setstate now uses remapshader.
-G_FindConfigStringIndex: overflow fixed


- Stealth': Making the prefab
- UTR team: Original script and some parts from their map (ctf_face_b1) - with permission from Flippy
        Also the ctf announcer sounds and commandmap markers.
        Download their map ctf_face_b1 here: http://www.wolfmap.de/details.php?file_id=2193
- RayBan: CTF flags (http://www.wolfmap.de/details.php?file_id=2182)


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