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A way to "unfollow" a topic?

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Hi all,


Quistion; is there a way to "not" follow a topic.

Example - Topic about Prefabs

Everytime I connect to aaxxss then in the "unread Content" the screen is loaded with posts in Prefabs section.

Maybe interesting for others but it's not something i am interested in. After scrolling downdowndown i just press the "mark site read" button because this takes me to long to filter manually.


Is there a way to make a ruler to exclude topics?


Greetings ^^

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Thank you for your reply Zozz but I think I made a wrong description of my question 🙂


  • I loggin aaxxss
  • I press the button "unread content"
  • A list of topics is presented with new posts that i did not yet read.
  • In that list there is also a lot of posts in the section "home/downloads/prefabs"


Is there a way to may those topics that are "new" but i have no interest in and pollute my "unread content"-list



Example; today i connect there are 10 new posts. 8 of them are in the section "prefabs"

So before next time i connect I want to "mark" topic "prefabs" as spam/not interested and i should have seen today only 2 new posts 🙂


Thanks in advance for an answer.

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If you can choose which new posts / topics you want to see is maybe good.

But you see where they are so I don't have to click on them all so that they disappear.

I read the ones I want to read and then just press "Mark site read" and everyone else disappears from "Unread Content".

I think it's good that Falkes puts up all things, good for Mappers and others, return to the old website but properly cleaned.

Unfortunately, very good information disappeared from the old website.

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I also think it's good that Falkes putt up all those things, and i thank him for that :)

It was just an example of when people not regular connect getting a long list of new posts and maybe they miss some because of that.

But in my example, i know i will never look into that topic. Why not make it easy on myself de-selecting it for the future ;)



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I do it the way I said but as I said it can also be good to do it the way you want to block some "Topics".

Do not know how it was on the old forum but there was probably not as much that would be added at once with these types of "topic".

Agree that it can be too much for new people on forums, but for now it is probably no problem, but if a solution is found, it is good.

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A "beginning of a solution" can be found , select the file you want follow  , maybe can help a little

unread content >content types > select files > choice the want follow >

topic I want follow.png

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