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i just think what are server all rules?

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i know if i do !rules i see few rules but is there another rules too??

and admins need more watch rule brakers and warn them/kick.,

now seems only few players care about rules.

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Hi Api
I could very well have been one of the "admins" in the games you talk about.

When im in a game like that, I like to solve these situations by the means that the game provide and of course public/private chat to the player(s) that might push these rules to the limit.

I'm a "gaming admin" and that have its pros and cons.
- This gives the server one more player (me) instead of one more spectator.
- But it also means that I can not see all violations to the rules on either my team or the enemy team. I can of course see if the console shows teamkills and if players complains about spawnkill, but I can not see the context and if it was a one-time mistake.

Some 15 years ago I made my first post in this forum called "news guys first post and a tribute to B4". I can't find that post in web.archive.org, but as far as i recall it contained a line about the admins : "they act pretty calm and do not use their admin-level unless it is really needed to do it" - or something like that...
I joined and stayed at B4 for that reason. And I try to live with this principle today too 😉



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I do not play much but I am very happy now when you go to Bunker 4 and there are often many real players and it is often filled in the times I have been out even if some just make a quick game time.

Maybe that's why there hasn't been that much Admining about rule breakers because there haven't been that many people so often.

But of course it is important and I think what Old Chap says is quite wise.

A while ago there was someone who complained about Flamer in a capturable spawn (defending), know that this particular weapon has been up for discussion but I do not know if something special was decided and maybe in that case only on some server (when we had many) .

In any case, it does not say so now in the rule book that is now linked to and as I interpret it.

On the other hand, the player who complains about flames creates a bad atmosphere on the server as most people wonder what is wrong.

He is not only wrong but performs a Sportmanaship wrong "Not whining and complaining".

And the worst thing is that after complaining, he uses the same weapon in the same situation with further whining that it is not allowed 😞

If everyone followed the rulebook it would be good but it happens that people make mistakes sometimes.

The most important thing in it is in my opinion is what is in the sportsmanaship line "This basically means that when you play you do not just play to have fun yourself, but you also help make Enemy Territory, as well as the Bunker's forums, more enjoyable for everyone ".

Good that you brought up this Api because I do not want players to disappear now that it is so well attended.


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I like the comand !freeze, !glow or !disorient. That makes a lot of fun and it's better than !warn or !kick.

But sometimes, like Old wrote, i do not see what's going on in the game.

It's a game and the name of the server is Bunker4Fun.


Greetings Havanna

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  • 2 weeks later...

Was a time some commands were often used ...

Yes !disorient is very funny because some didnt know it as cmd

But it is more quiet nowaday

Can someone refresh the B4 rules about capturable spawn and heavy weapons (bazooka, arty ...) :  authorized or not ?

That was a  big question last time ... (and some big b4 admins didnt know 🙃 na na no name)

(I remember more the B2 rules ...zzz)

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Well as the rules say on the server (Menu -> Rules). One must actively try to capture the spawn. Use of heavy weapons is to the admins discretion 😛

For me personaly: no heavy wapens to be  used on a capturable spawn.

I will tell the players this if I see it, but not an immidiate kick or whatever...first communication is in order as the rules on the server are not that defined.

Most important rule: Behave and have fun 😛



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