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Hi snip,


I heard from soccer you tried to connect but i could not see you being kicked nor that you even tried to connect???

There was no player connecting atm you tried to connect.

Normally there also is a message in console that a player tries to connect/Kicked with a reason of the ban. There was nothing!!



Dit you connect to the right server?  Weird...


Can you try to use a different ETkey just to test? (BACKUP YOUR ORIGINAL!!!)

Maybe try to run the game as administrator sometimes helps.

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Problem seems to be solved.


A admin of B4 banned a player for TK (valid) but forgot to check to see if the player got a GUID.

So in result, server started to disconnect players with reason "you are permanently banned - message no TK"


We removed the "incorrect" ban entries and luckily this solves the problems for you  (and others)


Lessons learned - be careful with banning and how to perform it.

Frag-on :)

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