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Bunker Member, Bunker Admin?

Havanna Club

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Heya Ladies!


One question...

Some Ladies are Bunker Member and some Ladies are Bunker Admin in the forum. 

I can't see why...

It follow no sense i think...

Please help a confused Noob!


Greetings Havanna

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Hai Havanna :)


Good question, easy answer (i think) It's al about your status game/forum and the recognition towards others.


Bunker member = member (voted) who can wear the |>B<| tag

Bunkeradmin = member+admin on gameserver


I think it's to see when you need a specific type of person at the forum.  It's like on B4. You have multi levels of players from 0=>5 and from 5=>8 and 9 + 10.

Level 5 => 10 are all members but not all are admins and not all are high admins.

All can see different parts of the forum just like the difference in commands in the game ;)


Maybe the Forum-administrator can give a list/link to all "titels" used in this forum.

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I guess Geek explained it kinda well ... he's kinda good in explaining if he wants too 😁


Being Admin (on Bunkerforum) is imo a symptom of old age - so being just old 🤔 or being long time on Bunker 🙂 ... usally those are/were also high admin on server.

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