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Ryuzaki presentation

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Hello Everyone 8-),

Real name:Amine
Nickname:EvilSquaL Aka Ryuzaki
Your age:22 years
Country you live in:French
Hobby's/Interests:I still love music but I listen to it less than before,care of my wife.

Fav. Game(s): Just wolfenstein I quit all the other games

Fav. music band(s):omg Very Happy ... too much ... genres -> hip-hop,rap,reagge,funk,jazz,blues,oldies ,all sorts of classic or old stuff and some of pop arts also =) , ... but no "schlager" or polka :O Evil or Very Mad,My music tastes haven't changed
Fav. movie(s): too much, but ofc comedy,action,horror or sci-fi movies.
Fav. anime movie(s)/cartoon(s): afro samurai, Naruto Shippuden/Naruto.
Fav. TV channel(s): just watchin what the shit is showin me :O -.-
Life dream:that you don't wanna know ...it's to philosophic, that i never would understand by myself Exclamation
What you don't like:when oh my god come at server and ruins the whole game Party haha.

Player history in Enemy Territory (ET): 10 Years
Fav. ET class/weapon(s) medic thompson ofc , covert (k43) and engineer rifleshit Shocked.
Fav. ET map(s) FG Warzone,fata morgana, minas, marrakech, supply depot and whatever BUT HATE oasis -.-

Sincerely Pepsi* AKA Ryuzaki. :D

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Hiya Riyuzaki!

Welcome to the forum and our community!

Thxk you for your intro! Have fun here and especially on our server 😛



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