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If you choose Botwar, some maps are extremely difficult.

Depending on the bot splinenes / waypoint and their objects in defense.

It's not possible to change the percentage of what I tried to do.

Is there another trick?

Would love to have it as it was on B2, where they chose Humans vs bots if it is not to much work. Ask Peyote.

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Well you can !vote to end the map. Chose your battles against the bots carefully...they play mean sometimes :)

Map's like Italia are very hard to fight the axis bot team, and bare in mind that bots spawnkill....that's how they roll ^^


If a high admin is online he can be asked to lower the "level" of difficulty of the bots. (from 1~6)


What helps to fight some map's is to make a good human team. Covert and engineer must work together does the trick on many maps/choke-points.


o-0._.0-o trained his bot-army well ^^

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