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Heya Ladies!


How can i fix a fullscreen for ET on a Samsung-TV 16:9?

Maybe someone can help...






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Ummmm...Does changing the aspect ratio in the picture settings on the TV not sort it? ....Is the game set to Full Screen ? (Start ET - Options > System - Check that full screen says YES next to it) You can also change the resolution, have a play with different ones.

Sorry im not sure any of this will help, but i can't think of anything else to try.

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Yes, my actual problem is the black bars left and right... I've changed some resolutions, but the bars will not go...

When i choose some other resolutions, the picture cut off...

My TV run with 3840x2160

Cry baby, cry...

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I assume you are familiar with setting custom resolution (r_mode -1, r_custom width and so on)


Most likely Windows is set on scaling mode. Go to settings, display and check if scaling is set 100 %



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This is  a part of my configuration file - copy and paste it into your own config file (NQ) and (exec) run it. (pick what you need)

It should return an message in game console - Visuals - loaded !


////////////////////////////// Visuals //////////////////////////////

seta r_ignoreGLErrors “0”

seta r_aspectratio 1
seta r_customaspect 1
seta r_mode -1
seta r_customwidth 3840
seta r_customheight 2160
set r_fullscreen 1
set r_picmip 0
// Seta cg_lodcurveerror 999
r_subdivisions 1

Echo ^2 Visuals - ^1Loaded !


edit: you can also pick the part you need, place it in a textfile and call it screensettings.cfg (save it in NQ directory) - Start the game goto B4F and type in console (~) exec screensettings.cfg  => disconnect and exit game => restart game 😉

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Thanks a lot ladies!

I've changed my settings in windows and it works.


Greetings from the best Noob ever...

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