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favorite map

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in free time it's:

- baserace (a final version...): biggest number one.

- temple

- ... and then im blank, but there are more...

in my old days when i played competitive (3v3) (ETPRO)

- adlersnest

- frostbite

- supply depot

- braundorf

- Ice


if i played 6v6 competitive (ETPRO)

- Supply depot

- Adlersnest (record time, 2 times in a row in official match: 1min 25 xD ) (ill never forget that run i made twice. Even a referee was needed to validate my video (demo) i made)

- goldrush

- (been too long ... there are other maps)

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In my old etpub days, it was:
- Venice (the old, more warm enlighted version, with the working anti tank gun and the more primitive boat, and the Command Post)
- Siwa Oasis (with the need to defend against double jumpers)
- Goldrush
- Chicken Bucket (v2) !!! 🙂
-  Baserace (b3a, without the fortress in the middle, just an open field with fog and gravestones)

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